Wedding credit for 30 days: finance small weddings at a low price

The wedding credit is a consumer loan that is available for financing your wedding celebration. You use the loan amount at your own discretion and fulfill your wishes, for example the financing of your wedding dress, the catering or the wedding rings.


  • What is a wedding loan?
  • The credit for the wedding: A meaningful financing option for those willing to marry
  • Compare loans for wedding: How to find the right wedding loan
    • The special loan wedding loan: uses for your wedding loan
  • Loan amount: How to plan your wedding
  • Your benefits with a wedding financing through Mugridge
  • So cheap you get your wedding credit
    • What are the interest rates for wedding financing?
  • How to finance your wedding loan
  • The requirements for your wedding loan at Mugridge
    • This is how it works: finance wedding without Schufa

What is a wedding loan?

A wedding loan is an installment and / or consumer loan that is used pro rata or in full to finance weddings. Such a loan is perfect if you need a manageable sum and are able to repay it quickly.

The credit for the wedding: A meaningful financing option for those willing to marry

Marrying is beautiful, but not cheap. With a short-term loan, your dream wedding becomes affordable for you. Mugridge offers you the opportunity to extend your wedding budget with an instant loan.

For the financing of a wedding, there are always several variants. You may already save some time to make your individual marriage possible. Maybe the parents of the newlyweds contribute something. Nevertheless, it can be tight towards the end of the planning: is the wedding budget really enough? What about the payment of the many extras, for example flower arrangements, carriage or wedding cake? You should also consider whether enough money is available for the honeymoon.

Missing money for the wedding you get through a matching wedding loan. The application for credit at your bank is often cumbersome and tedious. We advise against raising the disbursement credit – interest rates are usually very high here. The wedding credit at Mugridge, on the other hand, is fast, safe, cheap and risk-free. You submit an application online and receive the commitment within a very short time. The wedding financing is also possible with medium credit. If your loan request is unsuccessful, you will not incur any costs or other disadvantages.

Compare loans for wedding: How to find the right wedding loan

Anyone who thinks about a wedding credit should inform themselves in advance in detail. A comparison of different credit providers gives you security.

Crucial criteria are:

  • Amount of loan amount
  • Duration and amount of monthly installments
  • effective interest rate
  • Processing fees and commissions

Especially with the fees and commissions the devil is often in the detail. Be careful and check the wedding loan offers carefully. Mugridge works transparently, giving you a complete overview right from the start. The loan amount is manageable, you apply for a loan of 500 euros to 3,000 euros. The free calculator shows you at a glance how cheap the interest rates are. So you fulfill your special wishes for your wedding and remain financially independent.

The special loan wedding loan: uses for your wedding loan

You are free to decide what you use your wedding credit for. The amount paid out is suitable for financing the marriage costs, but can also be spent for any other purpose. Some couples still lack one or the other furnishing for the shared apartment, others treat themselves to an unforgettable honeymoon. Remember, too, if you want to capture special moments: A professional photo shoot preserves the memory of the most beautiful day in your life. In addition, the wedding loan is also useful as a typical small loan, if you want to use it for the special repayment of another loan or just need financial leeway.

Loan amount: How to plan your wedding

What does your wedding cost? List all the points that are important to you. These items generally apply, of course, individual deviations are possible:

  • Equipment of the bride and groom (clothes, shoes, hairdresser, styling)
  • Organization of the wedding celebration (location, catering)
  • Flowers, decoration, music, photographer
  • Vehicle, for example, limousine or coach
  • Fees at the registry office and possibly in the church
  • honeymoon
  • There may be expenses for the accommodation of foreign guests

In addition, the number of guests is important for realistic planning. Expect a budget per capita and rather calculate generously. With a financial cushion in the background, as the wedding credit offers you, you are on the safe side. You can handle special editions effortlessly.

Sample calculation for a wedding loan

The Mugridge wedding credit scores with its serious handling and its favorable conditions. After you repay the loan very quickly, the interest rates are within manageable limits. For a loan amount of, for example, 500 euros fall in a period of 30 days only 5.80 euros interest.

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