How Personal Finance Help You Fulfill Your Dreams

Close your eyes for a moment and think about what you would be doing if it weren’t for the obstacles in your life .I imagine having enough time to travel wherever and whenever I want. Work without being tied to a specific city.Being able to take my laptop and work from the beach for example. Or from a park. And of course work on what I like. Sharing what I know about personal finances and learning more every day.

I also asked a friend what her dream was and she described to me a life where I could sleep as much as I wanted and then received a long back massage. A life of much rélax.


Let’s do it. On the way to fulfill your dreams

Now, make a list of all the things that stand in your way of fulfilling that dream . For most, work interferes with that dream. We need the money you give us to maintain our lifestyle. It could also cost a lot of money to fulfill that dream so you need that job for a longer time.

What did you just do? You have made a list of things you may be doing to live your dream.Is your job an obstacle? You can look for other work opportunities or request some changes in it to have more time for other things.Is money an obstacle? Spend some time evaluating your finances and you will probably discover that you have more money than you thought .

It is also useful to make some financial estimates of each of the items on the list. This way you have fixed amounts of money to work on.Do you need 100,000 euros to quit your job and dedicate yourself to setting up the business you have always wanted?Do you need 300,000 euros to buy a house next to the beach?


And you have already begun to walk towards your dreams?

Most people go on a path in life that does not lead to any of their dreams. They only take another day doing things they don’t like while dreaming about what they really want.If this sounds familiar, try this exercise and realize that your dreams are attainable if you start planning to achieve them from now on.

Instead of sitting in your office, drinking the first coffee of the day and dreaming of where you really wanted to be.

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