Facebook marketing

Who should do social media marketing?


Being social media marketing company we always come across companies who want to go for facebook marketing services or Google Adwords but they are confuse in making choice. Both marketing channels are good at their respective places but we need to understand our targeted customer base.

Create customized messaging to a highly targeted audience. Then couple that with powerful analytic to make smart decisions. Facebook has developed the most robust platform to reach your prospects. And with 1.55 billion users on Facebook and over 1 billion users active each day, your audience is likely on Facebook. Facebook PPC is best option for B2C business concept where as Google PPC is best option for B2B and B2C as well. Facebook marketing provide vast reach to large amount of customer, categorized based on their like, dislikes and many other things. Where as Google Adwords also provide large amount of customer, categorized based on keywords user used in search.

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