Blackevi Founders

Our two founders formed Blackevi in year 2011.


Vikas D. Temgire

Blackevi Founder


Blackevi's founder Mr. Vikas Dhondibhau Temgire established this foundation with the core intention to represent INDIA in global IT market and to provide best solutions at affordable rates for clients. His qualification and experience in Management and HR has been predominantly supportive to every person who desired IT support. An ambition and visionary team leader with creative thought process has enabled the company and his clients to hardness extraordinary digital art works.

Akshay R. Dabhade

Blackevi Co-Founder


Blackevi's co-Founder Mr. Akshay Raghurath Dabhade is an efficient multitalented web developer, master of computer applications. He is providing his services to company as well as clients with his technical know-how and visualizing ability. The company is obliged to have him working as his extended support in management strategies also helps in.